Week 6

Lecture Presentation

Creating a Multi-Platform Project from A-Z and back – by Sohail Dahdal

Exercise in Wire-framing:

In brief, one of the key processes of project planing and execution is developing a clean structure for your project.  This is helped by developing a structural wireframe.  Wireframes are considered a website’s blueprint or low-fidelity (line drawings usually) screen mockup.

A wireframe has the purpose to communicate the layout, the navigation, the information architecture of a site. They are developed to indicate where content is placed and where use finds content.

Wireframes will tell the designers and developers:

  • The number of sections in the site
  • what kind of content each section has and what it’s trying to do
  • how these sections are connected each other

Some articles and example about the use and benefits of Wireframes:

Some Wireframing tools


Choose a website of your liking to reverse engineering and wireframe in class.

Concept Journals For your next Assessment:

Look at previous year’s concept Journals.

Working individually, students develop an online research and concept journal for an original online documentary, factual or socially relevant project concept of their own choice.

The journal will comprise their initial research and concept development for the idea, and is likely to include notes, a synopsis, images and links, discussion of audience, interface, platform/s, technical feasability, research into similar projects, a project proposal and other relevant materials. The concept journal will form the basis for determining group projects to be developed in small teams.

Q&A. Assesment 1.

We will be working on Assessment 2 for the next couple of weeks.


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